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Further Details: Existing Units:    1


Facilities:    The asset of this business include:

A protected territory (see map above) 

flyers and instructions and a few scripts

Domain names:

Extensive notes and ideas. 

Lead Generation software

Books and resources on selling. Particularly advertisement. (shipping paid by buyer)


Competition:    I have a Facebook account, a business email, a domain that is not yet set up, leads generated from grow me organic, and datasourceone (you will be given access to datasourceone). And a domain that is connected to J mailer pro that is in the process of getting warmed up, for large email blasts. There is sadly no website, only a domain.


Explanation of Fees and Payments:    The sale is priced at 12,900 that being a 6k dollar discount to begin with but more is added in it. All supplies sent to me buy Hang Up Garment Covers will be sent to you, including the additional items mentioned above this makes the transaction a more than fair deal.


I will accept a finance plan with a minimum of 20 percent down payment and would much prefer a 25 percent down payment. Banks and lenders will not offer you any financing for a startup so your in luck. Interest rate will drop from 8 percent to 7 percent if a 25 percent down payment is offered. Cash will be accepted at  10k


Financing:    I will accept financing with a minimum of 20 percent down and a interest of 7 percent


Support & Training:    I will offer any tips and leads that I can, and the franchisors will offer extensive training and orientation.



Additional Details

  • Established:2022
  • Business Description:If you're good at sales this opportunity will make you a fortune!! Hello potential buyer, what I am selling you is a business opportunity in sales and media advertisement. This business sells advertisements to small businesses and then prints them on dry cleaners' garment or shoulder covers. The covers are offered to the dry cleaner free, the adds are typically priced somewhere between $595 and $795 I have been pitching $625 most recently. Each garment cover gets twelve adds (less if you want) that makes a minimum gross of $7,140.00 the franchisers Hang Up Garment Covers have are the providers that print the garment covers and handle the artwork of the logos. They charge $2,195.00 for the printing, and shipping that ranges from $300- $470. This can lead to major sales if you able to make a close (dry cleaner and 12 ads not as tricky because the dry cleaner will give referrals) every 2 weeks were talking $118,680 - traveling and utility expenses (of which there are not much). Additionally the franchise model allows you to hire contractors paid at commission (or salary whatever you prefer) which can make additional sales. The asset I am selling is the protected territory and the rights thereof. The territory is the southwestern corner of the State of Ohio. Including the counties and only the counties of, Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Highland, Montgomery, Preble, Pickaway, Ross, and Warren. Notice that these counties include both Columbus, Grove City, Dayton, and Cincinnati, which could hardly be a better territory. If you called up Hang Up Garment Covers they would sell you a territory for 18,900 and it is probably a little worse than this one. I really wish I could make this opportunity work it sounds like a great one, but alas I am unable and inexperienced in selling (it may be obvious to you in reading this) I have never tried sales before and well I cannot say that it is working for me. But if you happen to be in a position of experience then this deal is amazing. I am selling this whole sale at $15,900 which is a bargain deal to make a 6 figure net income and with 2 or 3 contractors quite a bit more than just a 6 figure income. Note that other assets are included in this sale, including an all in one machine color printer (necessary for sending ad information value approx. $250 and datasource one lead generation software that is worth $722.00. All domains and social media accounts will be transferred as best as possible. Please call me or email at (740) 600-7478 or [email protected]. After contact and signing a nda I will send you the franchise agreement, another thing to note is that the first close you make costs you nothing. And only after then do you have to pay the $2,195.00 for the garment covers.
  • Support & Training:I will offer any tips and leads that I can, and the franchisors will offer extensive training and orientation.
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